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The VALPIN brand name is a partially reversed contraction of two syllables of the founders’ family names, Benjamin LAVIZZARI and Raphaël RAPIN.

Benjamin Lavizzari is a specialist in banking economy and real estate expert. He is a real estate developer.

Passionate about watchmaking since his youngest age, he starts a collection of Swatch watches, aged just 6 years old.

His shared passion with Raphael Rapin prompts him to create the VALPIN watch brand in which he plays the role of partner, specialising in the brand’s entrepreneurial and commercial management.

Raphaël Rapin who trained as a designer, also co-managed a communications agency before this turn of events.

Passionate about watchmaking and a well-informed collector, Raphaël participates jointly with Benjamin Lavizzari in the creation of the VALPIN brand for which he is responsible for its artistic and technical management.

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